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Looping Script Deletes Checkboxes

Question asked by DustFairy on Apr 28, 2015
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Looping Script Deletes Checkboxes



I have been woking on a database that generates check sheets for various machines.  The database has a script with a loop step that appears to be dropping the last record each time it runs.  My initial jubilation on seeing the generated check sheets has been quite dampened.

Each inspection point is a separate record and the machines to which it is applicable is denoted in a checkbox field.  the looping function includes a local variable that is the machine type and the check sheet is supposed to include all records where the checkbox for that machine type is selected.  It appeared to work properly when I first set it up but as I have proceeded with testing I have realized the script seems to be clearing the x from the last record each time the script runs.  

The looping script was copied from a Phil Modjunk script that generated survey questionnaires.

Does anyone know if trying to generate a found set from a bank of records with checkbox field is a reasonable approach?

Any ideas why the last checkbox would be cleared?

More information can be provided as required.