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Looping through Found Records

Question asked by JoshuaKanuch on Nov 17, 2011
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Looping through Found Records


I am designing a database for a school. I am using FM Pro 11 and have heavily modified the "Registrations" starter solution. I have a table set up for Students, Classes, and Assignments. Students are "Registered" into classes via a script that adds records to a "Class Registration" table. They are also "Registered" into assignments via an "Assignments Registration" table. In my Assignments table, there is a field for "Assignment Class Name". The teacher creates an assignment by first selecting a class from a dropdown, then entering the assignment info.

I want teachers to be able to create the assignment for an "Assignment Class", then click a button that finds all of the students that are in that class (from the "Class Registration Table") and creates new records for each student in the "Assignments Registration" table. I already have a script to assign an individual student an assignment, but I was wondering if it was possible to do it for all related records in that class.