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    Loosing data in export to Excel



      Loosing data in export to Excel


      I am using FileMaker Pro v11.4 with MAC OSX Lion.  I am trying to export a mailing list to Excel in the new . xlsx format and I have 687 records in the FileMaker file.  When I try to export I only get 444 and it appears that what is being omitted are those records that have the same address.  There are different names in each record, but I only get the first name for each address.  Is this an error due to compatibiliy??

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          More likely it is an issue with the table and found set from which you are exporting your data.

          Do you have 687 or 444 records in your found set when you export this data?

          Do the addresses come from a related table? If so, are you exporting from a layout based on the addresses table where you only have 444 addresses?

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            I have 687 records.

            The addresses are in a single table, and are entered unique to each record (ie: Y/N/E/O, NAME, ADDRESS1,ADDRESS2, CITY/ST/ZIP, ZIPCODE), the Y/N/E/O is a single charater entry for ALWAYS, NEVER, EVEN, ODD

            I was able to use the "Save/Send Records As" to an Excel (*.xisx) file and got the correct entries.  From the same screen, using the "Export Records" to an Excel (*.xlsx) file the only included files are the 444 instead of the 687 and none of the ADDRESS1 after the first one found are listed in the Excel file.

            So I was able to get the result I wanted with the "Save" feature but not the "Export" feature.  It was fine before I applied the last update in FileMaker

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              But was your found set 687 records? The fact that you have 687 in the table does not mean that you had 687 records in your found set at the time that you exported these records. Data will only be exported from the current found set so that's the only explanation that comes to mind here that explains what you are describing.

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                Oh, I am sorry I was not clear.  I have 1083 records in the data base.  I used the find to locate the records I wanted, which actually totalled 687, and yes 687 records were displayed in the find table. There 243 records which all match an address with another record, but each record is unique, I do not share them in another table, or link them to the data. They are unique records with each record having data for each of the lines entered into the corresponding field for that record. (ie. Record 1 had John Doe, 123 Anystreet, City, ST, ZIP; Record 2 had Jim Smith, 123 Anystreet, City, ST, ZIP...and so on thru 14 or 15 record and there another occurance on different names witht he same address several addition times)  Only the first encountered record with the same address shows up in the Excel (*.xlsx) file when exported and likewise with each additional like addressed record throughout, having on the first encountered record show up in the spreadsheet when using the EXPORT feature.

                Like I said, I discovered that if I use the SAVE/SEND feature and save it as an Excel (*.xlsx) file I was able to get all of the record in the file.  I didn't think there should be a difference in how the Excel file was created.

                I used the EXACT SAME table without changing anything on the FileMaker Pro 11.0v4 program and the ONLY difference was whether I selected EXPORT...  or SAVE/SEND....  One works, one doesn't so I am thinking it is probably a issue with the program.

                I have been using database programs for quite a while, beginning with PCfile, dBASE, File Express, Access and now FileMaker, so I am not new to this and this has not happened with previous versions of FileMaker 9 or 10, though I was also using Snow Leopard on my MAC then, too.

                I hope I have explained it well enough this time. 


                Thanks in advance for your help

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                  If you compare the found set records to those exported, by any chance, do all the missing records come from the last section of the found set and all the exported records from the beginning? As though you exported the first 444 records and the remaining 200+ records in the found set were not exported?

                  I recently had to keep a regulatory agency happy by exporting nearly a years worth of data to excel to send to them. I found there was an upper limit to how many records I could export to any given excel file and had to split my data up over several files.

                  The circumstances where slightly different. I was using a windows xp system to export to a .xls file format and I thought I remember being able to export quite a few more records to each file than this, but it's the only thing close to what you describe here that I've experienced...

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                    No it is not that simple. I get the first 30, then miss 20 (all with the same address) then get the next 50 or so then miss 8 more with the same address as the 80th record, and on and on throughout the table of records until I have only 444 records in the Excel file.  I have about 61 different addresses which replicate throughout the database.  It was real easy to see where the deletions (or skips) occurs since I have the data sorted by zip code.  I am almost sure this is not an Excel problem, but rather a FileMaker problem.  I would like to see them address it and fix it.

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                      Sorry, but I'm not convinced there's a problem for them to fix.

                      Lots of people export from FileMaker to Excel and do not experience this problem. Not having access to your file directly, I can't rule out the possibility that there's a bug here, but would expect to see quite a few posts in Report and Issue if such a bug existed.

                      You are free to use the Report and Issue part of this forum (see tabs at top of screen) if you disagree and want to bring it to their attention.

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                        It appears as the not well documented feaure "Summary-Export" was the problem.  I inadvertantly selected a "Group to ZipCode" so that all the records with same zipcode were truncated.  A customer support person pointed me in the right direction and once I checked out the information and UNchecked the "ZipCode" in the Group selection, everything was fine.  Apparently by definition the summary-export feature will not export repeated records in the group.  I had already sent in the information on the "Report an Issue", but had not recieved a response before the Customer Serveice rep sent me the information.


                        Thanks for your assistance.

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                          I noted the same possible explanation in Report an Issue.

                          The "group by" option is intended for exporting subtotals from summarized groups of records to produce one row of exported data for each such summarized group.