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Lose extra pages and page numbers

Question asked by jwustman on Aug 17, 2015
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Lose extra pages and page numbers


I have a questionnaire that is one long text box with many merge fields. The merge fields hold responses to yes-no questions. Because the answers can fluctuate greatly in number of words, the text box that I have set up stretches over ten pages. There is a footer with automatic page numbering at the end of the form.

Here's the issue. When the answers to the questions are short, the text box may take up only 5 or 6 of the ten pages of space allotted by the text field. When I print, the extra blank pages at the end of form still print and there are page numbers on the blank printed pages.

Since there will be several records that I want to print to pdf, this becomes a problem. I could delete the extra pages in the pdf file, but the page numbers would then have gaps.

Any ideas on how to print the correct amount of pages and the correct page numbers without having to specify this manually in the print dialogue box for each record?

Thanks, Jeff