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Losing access to Instant Web Publishing

Question asked by ChrisSidman on Nov 23, 2011


Losing access to Instant Web Publishing


I have a Fliemaker Pro 11 database being shared out by Instant Web Publishing on a machine running Windows Vista Business.  The computer has a local static address at a site that also receives a static public IP address.  The issue we are having is that I can turn on Instant Web Publishing and immediately have access on the web to the database.  Periodically, and I haven't been able to lock in a consistent timeframe for this, the site will no longer be accessible - the web page cannot be found.  Each time, all that has to happen is a restart of the Filemaker software and opening of the database and everything is back up.  Power options have been set on the host computer to never turn off anything or go to sleep.

The strangest part of the equation is that there is one user who has never been able to access the database and each time she says she cannot access the database, I find the site inaccessible and have to restart the software/database.  Is it possible that something about her computer's attempts to access the website is crashing the system?  It seems unlikely since she never gets far enough to even log in, but that's the only consistent variable... every time this user attempts to access the site from her computer, the site is inaccessible.