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    loss of data on export



      loss of data on export


      I am using a modified Invoice database.  When I try to export a calculated field having 38 numeric characters, I end up with too many digits and the final 20 have been replaced by "0"(zero). what am I doing wrong?

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          Can you describe exactly what steps you are taking to do this? Into what are you exporting this data? A text file, A fileMaker file, Excel file, PDF? or ???

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            sure, here is the script:

            Enter Browse mode[]

            Export Field Contents [Invoices::RIN;"untitled.csv";Automatically open]



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              And from what layout with what found set do you run this script?

              Export records will export the current found set of the current layout.

              Describe the field with your 38 numeric characters. Is it a field of type number or type text when you check it in Manage | database | fields?

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                from the Invoices detail view with the current found set.  The 38 charcter numeric is filled through a calculation, which builds the number from various entries on the Invoices form, such as batch #, date,  product quantity and so forth. The field is of type Calculation. I hope I m answering properly.  I created a view to resolve my issue and have uploaded the preview document.

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                  No preview document is visible. Such a file must be a jpg, gif or png file. Files of other types will not appear when uploaded.

                  Do the characters shown in clude non numeric data such as letters?

                  If so, is the return type of the calculation set to return "text"?

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                    yes the return type is set to text, there are no letters. output example to a .csv file:


                    what it should be:


                    I am using the get as text script command to calculate the text value for the field

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                      Not quite what I asked. With the specify calculation dialog open for this calculation, what type is selected in the drop down in the lower left corner.

                      That said, since all characters are numeric, this isn't really a concern here. If you'had a mix of letters and numbers with a number return type, we might have identified the issue here.

                      Can you post the calculation expression for this field? I really doubt that's the issue but want to be sure.

                      Exactly what options did you specify with your export records step? (There's a lot of options to choose from)

                      Are you sure that the file you opened was the file produced by your latest Export Records step?

                      Are you examining the exported data by opening the CSV file or are you importing it into Excel or some other application before you examine the data and see this change? (If that were the case and 1201267886788002061540000000100004500 was exporting as 120126788678800206154000000010000, there might be an issue with the number of digits that can be accepted by the other application when the data is imported.)

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                        Text is selected as the type. here is the calculate expression:

                        GetAsText ( attach RIN & 2012 & 6788 & 6788 &  Batch  & 154 & "00000001" & "0000" & Line Items::Quantity )

                        attach RIN is 1 or 0

                        Batch is numeric, as is quantity.

                        I am opening the .csv file using "numbers"

                        the export option of export as
                        "comma seperated text"
                        is selected, with the open file option checked

                        it must be a Numbers issue.

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                          Try opening the file with a text editor instead of numbers and see if the data is still missing.

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                            well Mr. Wizard (please don't interpret any sarcasm, just awe) that works. I just need to convert the text into a spreadsheet format to send to the government. Thank you so very much. and BTW WOW