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    Loss of records after converting from .fp7 to .fmp12



      Loss of records after converting from .fp7 to .fmp12


      I am trying to convert a Filemaker Pro 10 file (.fp7) using Filemaker pro 13 and I’m finding that of the 4766 records in the original file, only 4298 are converted and show up in the new (.fmp12) one. It is a fairly simple file (there is only one table with 312 columns). I’ve tried doing a direct convert, exporting and importing the records, etc and the result is always the same.


      If it helps, the file .fp7 file is hosted on a Win Server 2008 V running Filemaker Server 10. After shutting down the server, I’m copying the database from Remote Desktop onto a Mac and doing the conversion locally.



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          Try recovering the file first. Then check and see how many records are in your table in the recovered file. Then convert the recovered copy to the new file format.

          You can also save a clone of your file, convert it to FileMaker 13. Then export your data into one or more Merge files (one file per table) and then import the data fro the merge file into the converted copy.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve tried the following but am still having no luck.



            I was note sure how to recover a file that is hosted on an FMP server, so I copied the .fp7 file off of the server to my desktop, via Remote Desktop, and then recovered it locally using FMP 10. When I opened the recovered file in FMP 10, it is still showing that not all the records came through (4298 instead of the expected 4766). This caused me to open the unrecovered file, the one I copied to my local desktop, to see if it had the complete number of records. It too only reports having 4298 records. Could the copy process be the problem?

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              If you closed the file and then copied it across the network to your file, this should not result in the loss of any records. The same is true if you opened the file using FileMaker pro while it is off line from being hosted and used "save a copy as..." to make the copy.

              It is more likely that the current copy of your file is damaged. I suspected this from the beginning but needed the recover results to confirm.

              It's possible that you don't actually have 4766 records in your file. It may be that the damage to it is resulting in an incorrect count. Or it is possible that recover is only able to save 4298 files. I had hoped that the recover would rescue some or all of those files and then you could convert and see all 4766 records, but there are no guarantees that this is possible when a file comes up damaged.

              If the recover process did not report finding any problems with your file, my best guess is that you had a damaged indexes--which are rebuilt by the recover without analyzing them for damage--that was resulting in an incorrect total record count. You might find that some of the records in your original copy are showing as all question marks--a kind of "phantom record" that disappears once the file is re-indexed. by recovering the file or importing all of the data into a clone.