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    Lost CD's



      Lost CD's


      Hi there,


      We have 3 licences of Filemaker Pro v10 and have lost the CD's. We have all licence keys noted. I called filemaker this morning and they told me I can download the trial version and then enter in the key in to get full access. I have done this but can't see where to enter the key into. Any help?





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          I'd call FMP again (with the program open in fromt of me) and have them walk me through it real-time.  That way you're sure that (1) it works, (2) you have FMInc participating, (3) they can address any other oops's that crop up.



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            Thank you for your post.


            When you install FileMaker Pro and enter a license key, that information is written to places other than the application.  Therefore, when you install the trial version back onto the same machine and launch, it will use the existing license key for that machine.  One way to view this is to pull down the FileMaker Pro menu and select "About FileMaker Pro".  Your license key will be listed.


            If the machine has not been previously installed with FileMaker Pro 10, then you will be prompted for the license key.



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              Not much use with out a CD...


              Filemaker are sending one out (£10) so hopefully arrive soon as I need to, over xmas, refresh our office PC's