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Lost communication with remote host

Question asked by kmsitall on May 10, 2013
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Lost communication with remote host


     FMPro 11 on Mac OS 7 and 8.

     I have a host machine with a set of related databases and use 1 or 2 other macs on a local network to do data entry. The remote macs always use "open remote" to get into the files. These files were originally created about 10 years ago using FMP6 and have migrated and expanded into their current form in FMP 11.

     Recently we have had increasing problems with the remote users suddenly getting a Lost Communication error and they are forced to quit FMP and start a new session.

     We have un-installed and re-installed FMP 11 on all machines.

     The files have been run through a Recover procedure.

     We tested the network by going completely wireless and got the same problems.

     We then tested by pinging the network and found no loss of data.

     We moved the databases to a different desktop and began serving it from there -- with the same Loss of Communication error!!!

     Any ideas?