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Lost creating my first database

Question asked by mprusse on Jul 8, 2014
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Lost creating my first database


     I'm trying to learn FileMaker and getting a bit lost creating a simple database. In my database in Table 1 I want two fields (among other simple ones) that hold names. I would like to populate another table (Table 2) with just names so I can pick them when in the name field on Table 1. I've been able to do this with using a Lookup to Table 2. What I don't understand is how can I add names to Table 2's names database by entering them in those name field in Table 1 when the name doesn't exist in Table 2.

     Perhaps I've set up my tables wrong and I need to use relationships but those are confusing to me as well. Maybe a nice soul can walk me through this.

     Thank you so much!

     Mike Prusse