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    lost external container field data



      lost external container field data


           Yep, you read it right.

           I moved container  external data locations-in Finder.* Then, I re-assigned the paths both at field level and manage level. The external photos (only 2300!) are all in the right place. I confirmed by adding a photo to a record and watched where FileMaker Pro put the new picture.

           But FileMaker Pro doesn't see them. As there is no identifying data on the picture file (and even the meta data is uneven), I can't simply re-import. So the question is this: is there any way at all to make FileMaker Pro reach out and see those external container photos?

           FileMaker Pro Advanced 13.0v1 on Mac 10.9.2.

           *Yes, I know this was a bad move. Yes, I've learned the lesson: do not screw around with external container data files in Finder. Ever.


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               GetAsText ( ContainerField )

               Will return the text found in the container field. This text will include the file name of the inserted file. You should be able to set up a calculation that extracts that filename into a text field using Replace Field Contents.

               Then you can use Import Records | Folder to do a batch import into a new table and link it by filename to the records in your original table. You can stay with the related table or use a script with set field to copy the data from the container field in the related record back into the original.

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                 This works as expected, at least up until the part using Replace Field Contents, but that part is simple.


                 Thanks very much.