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Lost files

Question asked by DaveVentimiglia on Apr 23, 2011
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Lost files


Hi LaRetta:
Thank you!   Thank you!!  Thank you!!  You're helping, but I'm not quite there and we're affraid all our records are lost.    So, I typed the extension in, and it did, in fact, find my file.  However, there are 1200 records in the database (I know that because it says it under "record".  However, it is only showing one record (client).  I think this is because before I screwed up and renamed the file, I searched for a record.  It showed me that record.  then I renamed the file.  Now, I can't figure out how to access the other 1200 records.  Does that make sense?
Please keep helping me!!
So, I have copied the forum question below -- and your response.  But I have more questions:  In regards to your suggestions:
#1:  I can see the document in My Docs, but it does not have the .fp7 extension.  How do I get it there? 
#2:  Can you help me understand how to import and repoint?
#3:  When I go to file and manage on FilePro 7, the "manage" does not highlight.  I can see it there, but it won't let me click on it.
I owe you.  Thanks a ton for your help.
Unable to retrieve data

I  had 1200 clients stored in a file and renamed the file.  there was a  warning that I shouldn't rename it -- I did anyway.  Ooops.  Now the  file is gone from my database files.

I can only find it in My docs, but I can't open it.  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


posted 6:41 PM by LaRetta

Three things:

1) The file must have the .fp7 extension. 

2) If you are importing based upon stored script, FM will ask you to repoint to the renamed file. 

3) Go to File > Manage > External data sources and be sure the file is listed properly there. 

But since you received a warning that you should not rename the file, I suspect #1.