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Lost functionality from version 8.5 to 10

Question asked by WireL on Feb 23, 2009
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Lost functionality from version 8.5 to 10




I'm not very skilled on FileMaker apart from using already existing database so I apologise for not knowing the correct terms and being a bit of a dummy.

I've recently upgraded my OSX from 10.4.11 to 10.5.6 which resulted in complete failure to run FileMaker Pro 8.5. I managed to get it going by changing a format language in International system preferences but it's was still rather painful having to switch the language to US before launching FileMaker every time so I upgraded to Filemaker Pro 10.


My Client Database is linked with Jobsheets and Invoices, the later two both have automatically generated contact name and address fields from the Database but since opening the files on the new version this information no longer comes through on Jobsheets only resulting in blank fields and I have no idea how to fix it.

These fields look like this in layout mode:

<<firstname>> <<lastname>>







Tel: <<tel_work>>

Mob: <<tel_mobile>>

Fax: <<fax>>

Isdn: <<isdn>>

Email: <<email>> 


I should probably also mention that Jobsheets are created from Client Database and Invoices from Jobsheets. Strangely enough all newly created Jobsheets are missing this information that is vital in order to generate invoices.

I've searched the net for an answer to my problem to no avail so I was wondering if anyone could help.


Many thanks