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    Lost Installation Code



      Lost Installation Code


      So, here I sit still happily running FM Pro 5.0 on my Mac, but now I need to install it on my PC. Problem? My 5.0 was an upgrade, and while I still have my 4.0 disc, I cannot find the installation code for love no money. Not that the PC would install 4.0, but if I had the installation code for the 4.0 it appears that the 5.0 would install (I do have the installation code for the 5.0). Yeah, I know I'm behind times, but it ain't broke so I'm not inclined to "fix" it. I can continue to do the work on the Mac, but it would be handy to be able to use FM on the PC as well.

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          When you pay for something, it is the serial number code or installation number you are paying for.

          This should be written down in three places, one of  those places being a red piece of paper taped to the ceiling.

          If you registered this product, the manufacturer should have the code. 

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            Hi David,


            Yeah, I know, and I did. Trouble is, I've made so many moves in the interim, and had enough computers (1 Mac & 2 PCs) die on me that whatever safe place I chose to store that info has gone the way of the dodo and the passenger pigeon. Looks like I'll just have to keep using the Mac alone for FMP 5 chores, until such time as I see a need to buy the current version (and since I'm still running OS 9.2 on the Mac, I suspect the most current versions of FMP won't work there either).