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Lost Password

Question asked by mgondek on Nov 4, 2008
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Lost Password


Obviously I am not the only one this happened to with so many products out there that reset or recover the filemaker password. I just dont trust buying frrm these 3rd parties, as I recently scammed on some video editing software.


The problemis that, I unchecked the file >> file options "log in using" prompt on the file and closed it. Now when I open it I get asked for a password, and I honestly created this database 10 years ago.


I unchecked the "Log in Using" prompt because of an anoying networking pop up that would come up every time I opened the file, but it was late and I was nto thinking. Chrsitmas time is coming, and I need access to my mailing list, can anyone help or unlock my database for me if I email you the file.