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    Lost Relational Table/ Fields



      Lost Relational Table/ Fields


      I've ben using a data base since 2002, All of the sudden when I creat a new record it brings back the customer name but not any of the other fields. it leaves them blank. Is there a limit to the number of records it can store, I have 3800 records in the "Job Book" table.

      I upgraded to FP Pro 9 last year and haven't had any problems. Do I have a problem with relational Tables? I went back and tried to recreate a relational table but still have the same problem.

      I use two tables, "Job Book" and "Address Book", In "Job Book" table I use a drop down list with customers names to retrive the other fields such as address, state, zip, ect. What am I doing wrong, HELP. Thanks

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          I have DB's with over a million records in a number of different tables.


          Have you made any design changes to your database immediately before you saw this happen?


          If no, then your file may be damaged. Try recovering it and test the recovered copy to see if it works.


          If the recovering "fixes" the problem, it's best to replace your damaged file with an undamaged back up copy instead of attempting to use the recovered copy.

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               There were no changes made, Unfortunately I tried to use the recovery to late and now that's bad as well. Both of the tables are intact, It just won't bring over the additional fields, it leaves them blank.
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              What do you mean by "bring over the additional fields"?


              Are these fields in a related table?


              Are these fields where a table lookup has been defined in Auto-enter?


              Are they fields in a portal?


              Perhaps the database is undamaged bug behaving in a way that is different from what you expect.


              What version of Filemaker are you using? if 9 or 10, what message did you see when the recover process completed?

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                I am using File Maker Pro 9, by bring it over I mean that I bring field data from the layout "Address Book" into the layout "Job Book". I think that I have lost the relation link to the "address Book". I can't figure how to make a value list for "address Book" to restablish the relationship. I'm not sure what a portal is.


                What I have is a drop down list in "job Book" that I select a company from, then it populates the other fields such as Address, State, Zip code, Phone number.


                The drop down list looks at the "address book" field "name" , pastes it, when I select a name it does not populate the other fields. The other fields that I manually populate are fine,

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                  "I bring field data from the table "Address Book" into the table "Job Book".

                  There are three ways you can do this: You can actually place fields from address book on your Job book layout or you can define fields in the Job Book table that Lookup (copy) data from fields in the Address Book table. Can't tell from your description as to which is used or whether the fields are listed in a portal. (to find out more about portals, look the term up in the help file.)


                  All three methods rely on a valid relationship. If you Open Manage | Database | Relationships, you should see a line connecting a field in Job Book to a field in Address Book. The field in the Job Book table should be the same field you have as a drop down in your layout. Check these things out and let me know what you find.

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                       Thank you so much. I did lose the connection in relationship between the two fields of the drop down list and when I reestablished it I connected more than the one field. I also had to delete the other fields in job book, copy them from the address book and repast them into the job book. Thanks again for your help.