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Lost Relational Table/ Fields

Question asked by jmickey on Oct 27, 2009
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Lost Relational Table/ Fields


I've ben using a data base since 2002, All of the sudden when I creat a new record it brings back the customer name but not any of the other fields. it leaves them blank. Is there a limit to the number of records it can store, I have 3800 records in the "Job Book" table.

I upgraded to FP Pro 9 last year and haven't had any problems. Do I have a problem with relational Tables? I went back and tried to recreate a relational table but still have the same problem.

I use two tables, "Job Book" and "Address Book", In "Job Book" table I use a drop down list with customers names to retrive the other fields such as address, state, zip, ect. What am I doing wrong, HELP. Thanks