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Lost relationship

Question asked by Capt-Tuttle on Jun 4, 2010
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Lost relationship


FileMaker Pro 10


XP Professional


Lost relationship “and yes I am on the right form :smileywink:


Our production manager developed two files, with several tables each, that track equipment through production and tracks failures, AsBuilt.fp7 & NCR.fp7 respectively.

These were developed initially on his personal copy of Filemaker and then completed on his Windows XP desktop with our multi seat office copy, all version Pro 10


I developed a customer service file with several tables, CS.fp7, on my Windows XP desktop. I have several relationships established to tables within AsBuilt.fp7 & NCR.fp7. During development I had copies of these files on my machine in the same directory as my CS.fp7 and when I started CS.fp7 I simply entered my username and password and I was up and running and all the relationships to AsBuilt.fp7 & NCR.fp7 were established and available.


We selected an XP windows machine on the network and loaded Filemaker and our file versions to it, located in the same directory, to be accessed via open remote. It is working fine for the most part, however, there is an initial startup problem establishing relationships.


Working on the networked machine locally, from a cold start I:

Start file maker






When I open CS.fp7 I get a message it cannot find AsBuilt.fp7, even though it is in the file selection window. I select AsBuilt.fp7 to open and I again get the message it cannot find AsBuilt.fp7, and again it is displayed in the file selection window. There is a third cycle of this and then CS.fp7 starts and all is well. However, if I exit CS.fp7 and then start it again the same event occurs. I have since figured out that it is asking three times to find AsBuilt.fp7 because three relationships of several are not establishing themselves automatically for an unknown reason. I am also curious to know why it isn’t remembering the relationship path once it has been reestablished. Any thoughts or suggestions or places to look?


Thanks and Best Regards