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    Lost Table



      Lost Table


      I have a business relational database that I use for health insurance premium collection.  The Employees database is the main database with relational databases for employers, insurers,  premium rates, banks and salesmen.  I created the databases in an earlier version of  filemaker pro and transferred it over to Filemaker Pro V. 11 for Windows when I upgraded last year.

      My problem is every time I start the Employee database up the database it asks me to find the Salesmen database.  I locate it for the program and proceed with my work, but it is a pain to keep doing this every time I start.  Any suggestions?  Thank you in advance.

      Sandy Finsilver

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          Open Manage | External Data Sources, You have a reference to an external file here that cannot find the external file as it has been moved, renamed, or an enclosing folder was renamed. Brace yourself, if the files were originally from FileMaker 6 or older, these external references may be very, very messy and you may need to spend some time carefully checking each. Once you update the problem external file reference so that it points to your current file (the one you are locating each time you open your database), this error dialog will no longer appear.

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            Worked great.  Thank you.