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    Lost Table Help



      Lost Table Help




           Been learning FM for 2 months now, and I think I just made my first major mistake...

           I was cleaning up my relationships graph and I deleted some TOs which weren’t connected to anything.  I received the following warning before deleting them...

           “Are you sure you want to deleted selected tables from the graph? This will break all the items that use these tables...but will not delete the underlying tables or their data”

           I deleted them anyway because of the assurance that  it“will not delete the underlying tables or their data”. However, now when I enter Browse mode for numerous layouts heaps of data is missing and the fields display  <Table Missing>. The missing tables still exist somewhere because if i go File/Manage/Database... the tables are still listed there, along with the correct number of fields and records.

           I tried to point my layouts with the <Table Missing> errors back to the underlying tables by going into Layout Setup and using the ‘show records from...’ option but the missing tables do not appear there

           Any advice?


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               Do you have backups made while developing? Reverting to a known good version would be easiest option.

               A screen shot of the existing tables listed in Manage > Tables  and the Tables shown in Manage > Relationships may help find an answer.

               OS version and FMP version would be helpful. Information offered when asking questions is seldom overdone.

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                 Hi David

                 Advice on posting noted.

                 Yes i have a day old backup so only 1 day lost. The issue is more that i dont understand why it happened

                 I am using FM Pro 12.0v3 on  Windows 7. 


                 Screenshot of Manage/Database/Tables... You can see the tables like the one called 'Client' still exist (complete with 2 fields an 6 records), but when i deleted the corresponding TO the data disappeared and my fields in the corresponding layout have <Missing Table. and i cant get it back again 







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                   here is the missing screenshot...




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                     You need at least one table occurrence for each table before you can set up layouts, scripts, etc to refer to the data in the tables that you have defined. A "table occurrence" is represented by a "box" in your relationships tab in manage | database.

                     If you click the button in the bottom left corner of your screen shot, you can add back one of the occurrences that you have deleted. Then you can refer to that occurrence in Layout Setup | Show Records From and you can double click each field that shows "missing" while in layout mode to open specify fields so that you can link it to a field in the newly added table occurrence.

                     For more on table occurrences, see this tutorial: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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                       I have a similar issue in that while 2 table occurrences display in the relationships graph, the table is not accessible in the "browse" drop down list of the database. How can I find the missing table? Why has it "ghosted" out?

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                         Here's a shot of the pop-up list of tables for the database. you can see that Equip_Menu does not appear therein. Thanks

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                      /files/ae74daf3b1/Screen_Shot_2013-05-23_at_11.52.13_AM.png 357x382
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                             Also, there are many tables listed here that I thought I had deleted from the database ...