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Lost Table Help

Question asked by MikeHorgan on Nov 15, 2012
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Lost Table Help




     Been learning FM for 2 months now, and I think I just made my first major mistake...

     I was cleaning up my relationships graph and I deleted some TOs which weren’t connected to anything.  I received the following warning before deleting them...

     “Are you sure you want to deleted selected tables from the graph? This will break all the items that use these tables...but will not delete the underlying tables or their data”

     I deleted them anyway because of the assurance that  it“will not delete the underlying tables or their data”. However, now when I enter Browse mode for numerous layouts heaps of data is missing and the fields display  <Table Missing>. The missing tables still exist somewhere because if i go File/Manage/Database... the tables are still listed there, along with the correct number of fields and records.

     I tried to point my layouts with the <Table Missing> errors back to the underlying tables by going into Layout Setup and using the ‘show records from...’ option but the missing tables do not appear there

     Any advice?