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    Lost Zero



      Lost Zero


           I am extracting the last four digits of a social security number into a calculation field.  Works perfectly in FileMaker; however, when exporting into Excel, if the first digit (of the last four digits) is a zero, the zero will not post into Excel.  This is an Excel problem, but thought someone might have seen this before.  Is there a cell format that will populate the zero once I open Excel? 



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               Are the last four digits in a field separate from the full SSN?

               If so, Excel is treating this as a number instead of text.

               Are you exporting from a text (or text calculation) field in FileMaker?

               If so, try including a single quote before the 4 exported digits to get Excel to treat the data as text instead of a number.

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                 You are the man.

                 If I change the calculation field to "text" instead on "number" it WORKS.