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    Lunch order form



      Lunch order form


      I need some help setting up a monthly lunch order list.  We collect lunch orders from our students on a monthly basis.  They have 7 options.  Parents send in their choices for each day of the month on paper.  I need to collect that info and then send it to the cafeteria.  In excel, I have set up the days of the week in 1 and the student names in column A.  Then  I have the choices as a pull down.  Is there anyway to make this work in Filemaker?  I'd prefer filemaker so that I can set it up and then hand it over to our admin ass't and have it simply "work" for her.

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          You can define a table of students with one record per student.

          You can use a repeating field for the student's menu selection for each day of week or a related table of records in what we call a horizontal portal.

          With either option a list view layout can display the student names and allow you to make choices from drop downs in the day of the week columns to the right.

          The repeating field is simplest to set up, but the related table is more powerful. With the related table, for example, you could produce a report that tells the cafeteria how many of each option they need to prepare for each day.

          Either way, you can define either a custom value list of your menu options or you can use an additional table to list your menu options and your value list can draw its list of values from this table. (This option may make it easier to manage menu changes by using a conditional value list.)

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            Okay...but I'm not sure how to do the dates/days of the week set up.

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              You need to choose an approach to use:

              1) Repeating field (simple to set up but limited reporting capability)

              2) Related table with "horizontal portal" (more work to set up, but greater flexibility for reports.)