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Mac Address Book Integration

Question asked by singerdf on Sep 5, 2010
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Mac Address Book Integration


I have spent some time perusing Bento 3.  And although it is nice that the Mac Address Book is live, it cannot accomplish what I need.  Filemaker is much more appropriate.  With Filemaker 11 there is the recurring import now available.  Can a Bento Library be one of those sources?  If not as I suspect, are there any suggestions for interacting with the Mac Address Book?  Address Book Manipulator is very sophisticated and beyond my understanding.  I simply want to type in a contacts first and last name as the related record fields and it would auto fill the contact info I need for the layout I am using.  I do not want to keep a secondary copy as a filemaker database if possible.

Thanks for any help and I am happy to answer any questions to further explain my situation.