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    Mac OS Runtime Quit Problem



      Mac OS Runtime Quit Problem


      I am using FMP 11 Advanced and my app works fine within Filemaker. I have created a Windows Runtime which also works fine. However, I have created a MAC OS Runtime (.APP)which seems to work fine until I try to quit the application (either through the menu or through a button which executes the Exit application script command). The application window disappears but the application is still sitting on my luanch bar and can only be stopped using the Mac force quit dialogue.

      Any ideas anyone please ?

      Regards, Craig

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          An update to the problem above - I couldn't see what I had done wrong so I took the Invoices starter solution that comes with Filemaker 11 and created a runtime for that (I made no changes to it at all) ... SAME PROBLEM.

          Perhaps this an issue  with FMP11 Advanced if it does it with their own solution ?

          Answers on a postcard .. would be grateful for any help.

          Thanks, Craig

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            I don't have a Mac to test with, but you might have two applications running here: FileMaker Pro Advanced which you used to create/modify/bind the runtime and the FileMaker runtime engine that actually launches and opens the runtime files when you open them. Exit application would have quit the runtime engine but it would not necessarily quit an instance of FileMaker Pro Advanced that might still be running in the background.

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              Thanks Phil,

              I tried your suggestion and made sure that Filemaker Pro Advanced was not running when I launched my Mac Runtime but the result was the same. I am still only able to quit the Mac .APP runtime using Force Quit. Very frustrating - I can't see how I am doing anything wrong.

              Regards, Cr000aig

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                Well, there is something going on somewhere. But I (and most people) have no problem with this, whether FileMaker itself is running or not. FileMaker 11.0v2 on Mac OS 10.6.4. I know that doesn't help much, more of a "control".

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                  Do you have any script set to run when the file is closed?

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                    Hi Phil,

                    In regards to your closing script question - please note this is happening on Filemaker starter solutions too. Perhaps I need to reinstall Filemaker V11 itself ?

                    Regards, Craig 

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                      You might try trashing preferences first as that's quicker/easier to do. I'm just looking for possible causes--forgot that you've also tried a runtime of the starter solution.

                      Do you have a different Mac you can test this on? Results from that could also be illuminating.

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                        You do not specify FMPA ver - 11? 11.02?

                        You do not specity OSX ver ??

                        Do you get the same response if you start in Safe Mode (shift key down at startup)?

                        Do you do any monthly maintenance?  AppleJack or Onyx or such?

                        If you create a new user (Test?) and login as Test, do you get the same response?

                        David Anders

                        The Computer Guy, Seattle

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                          Hi David,

                          Thanks for your helpful suggestions. I use FMP11.02 and Mac Os 10.5.8.

                          I just tried the Safe mode but same problem. I will look into Applejack etc.

                          My solution is currently set up to login automatically as Admin so it doesn't require a username / password. However, I got the same problem with one of the FileMaker start solutions. 

                          I think I will get a friend of mine to try generating the runtime on his Mac to see if it works for him. As I am getting the problem with the FMP11 starter solution I strongly suspect that a) the problem is with my Mac OS set up or b) I have a corrupt FMPV11 (somehow).

                          Cheers, Craig

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                            The New User (Test?) suggestion by David is for a new user account on the computer--not Filemaker.

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                              This is not a solution, but I have just created a runtime from the FM Pro 11 Start 'Invoices" to test it.  It shutdown completely from the menu.

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                                Problem solved.

                                First of all, a big thank you to all of you for taking the time to reply - you all helped me. You all made me realise that the problem must have something to do with my FM11 installation. Some time back I played around a little with the Internal Run rime Libraries to see whether I could create a windows exe from my Mac machine (Answer Yes). Anyway, I found an old Mac Internal Runtime Library folder that I had saved off (and forgoitten about) - I reinstated it and BINGO everything works okay.

                                Great forum, great help ! THANKS