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Mac OS X PackageMaker can't deal with FM runtime

Question asked by BatMan on May 11, 2010
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Mac OS X PackageMaker can't deal with FM runtime


Hi. I'm developing a runtime application with FM Pro 11 Advanced on Max OS X. After building the runtime, some files, in particular all the *.dls files in the language folders in, are locked (you know, the one ancient-type lock that prevents you from rm'ing the file even as root ("operation not permitted")). This causes the PackageMaker to fail to pack my runtime application into the install package. That's weird, but can be solved by the SetFile command, i.e. unlocking all *.dls. After that, PackageMaker builds the package. But it still doesn't install. I still get an "operation not permitted" when the package installer tries to move the temporarily created copy of the runtime to its final destination. Unfortunately, no info about what file in my app exactly causes the problem.


The problem lies in the runtime app only. Haven't the FM devs ever used PackageMaker to ship a FM runtime? What do I need to do to make PackageMaker work with my FM runtime? Any clue is highly appreciated!