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Mac OSX app, using filmaker pro database

Question asked by on Nov 9, 2011


Mac OSX app, using filmaker pro database


I think I am running faster that I can, so I get some turn backs some times. Also because I realise I am not very used to the FMPro concept yet.

Yesterday I spent $137,00 on "Theme Studio" because I thought It will give me an OSX like theme to my FMPro Project (I have the database already designed, only some scripts needed yet)... but today I started to implement usign the theme and I understanded that how it works graphicaly... remembers me developing rich graphics web apps, with lots of graphic tricks. 

Unfortunently for me, it is not ok, since I chosed FMPro to develop a quicker solution (in some months), like if it was an advanced MS Acess but with Win/Mac porssibilities.

I dont have time to spend in, for exemaple: resolving how to mimic a popup menu, without streching is graphic arrow when I need it larger.

I think I could quickly develop my front end in XCode, but I dont know If I develop my (front end) in XCode mac native, if it is possible to use the FMPro database as like a MySQL for example?

I know that this question seems idiot, but at this moment I need to have some guide to avoid turning backs later, and I dont know a quick answer. I am used to do Windows apps (c#) with SQL Server, and alternative Webapp front end for the same database. Some times this FM twisted my mind, sometimes love it, other times hate it...


Vitor Costa