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Mac server question

Question asked by willrollo on Feb 14, 2013
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Mac server question


     I know this isnt a filemaker question and is more targeted towards MS Access, but I am creating a new FM database to replace access but before I do this I wanted to check the following is possible -  was hoping that some of these issues may be similar to to filemaker programming.

     Here is my post!

                                        I run a small business that has around four workstations. Currently these are windows pcs all connected to a windows server. (SBS 1997 I believe).
                                        The server, being so old, and a pc, is to be replaced with a mac mini server.
                                        I want to check:
                                        Can all the existing windows xp SP3 prof workstations can connect to the new mac server?
                                        Can I copy all the data from previous windows server to the new mac server? (Windows files) and will they work on pcs.?
                                        The existing MS access 1997 database is located on windows server. This will be copied over to the new mac server. Will the pcs be able to connect to this database now that it is on a mac?
                                        Is the fact the version of MS access is 1997 a problem?
                                        Next big issue, is that I want to eventually replace the workstation PCs with macs. To begin with they will be running Parallels and windows xp so that the Access database can be used. Is this possible?
                                        What format do I address the new mac server in the access database code as it is no longer connecting to a pc?