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Mac vs PC

Question asked by mark_d2x on Aug 25, 2009
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Mac vs PC




I have been designing a database an a Mac which is eventually going to be used on PCs using FMP server.



When I have tested it on a PC locally, a few strange things have been happening, can anyone explain?


Firstly, the text/fonts just don't look the same.  Everything has been designed using Ariel (no fancy fonts), on the PC the text is thinner but looks wider, bold is fatter too.  This appears to be clipping the text and needs the borders making larger for the text boxes.


I have written scripts for a button to open up a new window and go to a particular layout, when the script runs the main window stops being maximised too (this doesn't happen on the Mac).


Also, the script to import PDFs into the database as quicktime doesn't work either (not sure if it installed, presumably this needs to be done?).


Some of the scripts don't quite run as they should either, they have been opening up a different layout to that specified.


Bemusing and frustrating to say the least.


i just wish we could move over to Macs but that cost would be prohibitive as we would need to buy 20 macs! (I think there is more chance of me going to the moon than that happening!)


One of the Layouts is designed to be shown on a 1024 x 768 monitor, when i put it onto a monitor set at that resolution the layout was really fuzzy and horrible.


There is a definite difference between using FMP on a Mac vs PC - just doesn't feel or look quite the same.  In all honesty, what is a decent(ish) database on the  Mac is really quite disappointing on a PC. 


Best wishes