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    Mac vs PC



      Mac vs PC


       I went to SEARCH and did not find the answer.....     titled  mac vs windows       anyway, what restrictions are there when you pass the same application from PC to a MAC?    Are they compatiable?





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          Data files are often binary and cross-platform compatible.

          Word .doc files are cross-platform including Linux

          Excel .elx files are also

          Filemaker FP5 and FP7 files are also

          Photoshop PSD are also


          Google "cross platform binary compatible data files"


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               Thanks David.....  That was what I needed to know....
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              I kinda have the same question. I'm in an office where I'm the only one on a Mac. I want to share my database over the network with someone on a PC. Is this possible? I so how is it configured? Do we both need the program and then a server version on the Server?

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                FileMaker networking is cross-platform (as is the file format). So that's not a problem. FileMaker uses port 5003. That needs to be open for others to see your databases. You use the FileMaker menu/ File/ Open Remote command. You do NOT mount someone else's drive, then browse down the file system and open the file. In short, use FileMaker for FileMaker files.

                If it's just a few people, you can share files with regular FileMaker Pro. Just turn on File / Sharing / FileMaker sharing for the particular file, and turn on Network Sharing (if you're hosting; you don't need it on to "receive"). 

                But there's some discipline involved. Really the only sane way to handle it is to open the file ALWAYS on ONE machine, leaving it always open during working hours. Everyone has the same path to the files. They do not GO TO the files via the file system to open them. They ALWAYS use FileMaker's Open Remote.

                Whether they also mount the host machine via the OS Go To Server command is controversial. Best practice is NOT. Business practice may be to mount it. But FileMaker says not to (though I'd love to hear a simple authoritative explanation why).

                But everyone agrees, do not open FileMaker files on another machine using the file system, unless you like living dangerously.