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    Macbook FMP9 issue



      Macbook FMP9 issue


      Hi there,

      I apologise profusely if this has been asked before but I've spent quite a bit of time trying to find an answer on here and various other places and can't seem to find one.

      I've found various threads about crashes but they don't seem quite the same as the issue we're having. One of our FP9 installs isn't working properly and we can't work out why. The programme itself loads fine, but then when the user tries to open a file, it appears for a second and then closes pretty much instantly. The programme itself appears to stay running so we don't get any kind of crash log to post either.

      I'm a bit stumped and any ideas would be much appreciated.



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          Can you open this file on a different computer?

          Do you have a copy of Filemaker advanced?

          If so, launch filemaker without opening this file and enable the script debugger, then try to open the file. This will allow you to see if a script set to run when the file is opened is for some reason closing the file immediately after it opens.

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            It is possible that one of the caches on that machine is corrupted.

            There are several kinds of caches, including system and user caches.

            Clearing caches is a function included in many utilities.

            AppleJack will clear many, but not all caches.

            Font caches in particular.