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    Macintosh Dock position



      Macintosh Dock position


      Is there a way to determine whether a Macintosh user has the Dock displayed vertically at left or horizontally along the bottom?  I'd like to maximize the window height for a layout that is viewed as a list, but I don't want to the window to overlay the Dock wherever it is.  Also, is there a way to determine whether the user is displaying the Dock at full size?

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          Dock Preferences

          You can use AppleScript to control the way the Dock appears in Mac OS X:

          Click to open example in the Script Editor applicationA script demonstrating how to get and set the properties of the Dock preferences.

          tell application "System Events"
           tell dock preferences
           get properties
           -->  returns: {minimize effect:genie, springing delay:1.0, dock  size:0.428571432829, magnification:false, springing:false,  location:bottom, class:dock preferences object, magnification size:1.0,  animate:true, autohide:false}
           set properties to {minimize effect:scale, location:right, autohide:true, magnification:false, magnification size:0.5, dock size:1.0}
           end tell
          end tell