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Maddening issue regarding script skipping something it shouldn't

Question asked by ijontichy on Aug 25, 2011
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Maddening issue regarding script skipping something it shouldn't


I work with lots of media files and some of them need different processes at different times because they come from different sources.


And yet all of them are brought in from a common system and dealt with as elements within a common table because it's usually easy enough to delineate their differences.


Case in point:   I want to omit records from a list based on two very specific criterion that I've set up in a case field, which I'll simplify for discussion into an IF

IF Camera (a field) = "A" and Length (sourcefilefield)=16; 1 ; 0

I have the case set up to handle cameras A thru E this way.   So theoretically anything else receives a 0.


In my script I set up a loop to omit all records for which this case returns a 0.    But there is ONE record, which I can see registers as a zero which my script does not omit.


And it's ticking me off.    25R-1-Y has a camera designation of Y and a length of 7.   My case calcuation shows it to be a zero and it should be omitted from the other processes of this script.


And it is not working.


Any suggestions?


It's late so I hope this is clear enough to decipher.

And thanks in advance for the always userful advice.