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Made the move from do I create a Lending/Inventory library....

Question asked by JoenatanLopez on May 14, 2012
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Made the move from do I create a Lending/Inventory library....


Hello everyone,


I finally made the move from bento to filemaker pro 12. I mainly used Bento 4 to manage my school band inventory of instruments. Want I really want to do with Filemaker pro 12 is....

1. Create a database of my inventory of instruments and assign barcode for each instrument

2. Create a database of my students and assign a barcode for each of my students. This wil also have my students class, instrument assigned, schedule, etc. 

3. Create a method to check-out/check-in instruments from school on a daily basis. Was thinking of something along the lines of, I scan the students card and then the instrument so it is checked out. The same for check-in...if there is an easier method by all means tell me. 


One of the biggest issues would be linking an instrument to more than one person considering instruments are shared by more than one person at my school. 


The other big issues to begin. What template is best to you and how to I link the databases together. I am pretty good with computers but I feel overwhelmed. 


Are there any easy templates I can use. I couldn't find a lending library template for Filemaker pro 12.