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    Magazine advertisement tracking



      Magazine advertisement tracking


      Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to use FMP for tracking advertisements of monthly issues over a years' time. Can anyone suggest how this might work in FMP? I'm trying out the trial to see if this will work, and if it does, pitch it as something we should get. I track magazine ads for our publication throughout the year. Each month I make an ad report from paper contracts. I'm looking for a way to track all the contracts in one place, and be able to see, at a glance, who is advertising in any given month. It would be ideal if I could export this information into Excel or whatever spreadsheet I could. Can FileMaker do this kind of thing? I need to see each individual month, and the year as an overview, obviously in separate screens.

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          "Can FileMaker do this kind of thing?"



          Can You use filemaker to create what you need?


          That's the key question. Filemaker provides you with a "blank page" and it's up to you to design the database as you see fit to meet your needs. Some people have the skills to do this easily, others have to Invest significant time and effort in to learning how to do this.


          Alternatively, you might find someone has already created a solution or a template in Filemaker or another program that does what you need.


          If you don't choose to invest the effort into creating a DB and can't find one ready made, consultants are available that you can hire to do this for you.

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            Thank you very much for the reply. Your suggestion is a good one. I have not used Filemaker very much at all, but am very trainable. I like this kind of project, and I'm sure I could pull it off. However, I haven't found any templates, other than on for Bento, an Advertising Tracker.


            FMP has some basic templates. Would you suggest any of those? During my 31 day trial, I want to see what I can do on my own.