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    Mail Merge



      Mail Merge


      For years I've merged documents in Word with my Filemaker database, but I upgraded both Word from 2004 to 2008 and Filemaker 8.5 to 9, both a while back and haven't had the need to mail merge since. Thinking I had mail merge down, I waited to the last minute and suddenly ran into a glitch in someone's new process.


      In trying to merge like I have for years, there is now an interim step that asks me to filter (up to 3 choices), and since I already filtered my database, I don't need to further filter. However, if I don't filter in this new procedure and no matter how I filter, it completely screws up my merge list.


      Has anyone run into this new glitch and have any hints about what to do?


      Michael H.

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             Does this additional "filter" dialog appear when you export the merge file from filemaker or when you attempt to use the file with MS Word?
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            It occurs when I attempt to merge an MS Word letter with Filemaker. I get a window "Filemaker Pro Import Wizard," Step 2 of 2.


            It asks me to further filter my list (which has already been selected down to 125 out of 8,500) by providing three drop down choices of the field names in my databased record. For example, I could choose City, but then it requires that I type in a city. Well, all of these letters are not going to New York or Dallas. I can further filter with other records that limit me the same way.


            However, if I leave them blank, do nothing, the letter is merged with all 8,500 records in my database.


            Previously, I selected the portion of the database I wanted, in "Get Data" choose "Open Data Source" and it would give me the field options to drag to the letter that I wanted. I had already "filtered" the records that I wanted.