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    Mail Merge



      Mail Merge


       Hi Everyone,

      I am using FileMakerPro 10 on a Mac. I have been sent an excel file which contains information for a company that has 30 different locations and different staff in the UK.

      What I am wanting to do is merge the information into a different letters for each location and memeber of staff. I have done this for 3 letters up to now by creating 3 different layouts, but as you can imagine, it will be very time consuming for 30.

      The question is, is there a way I can automate this task. Does anyone know of a script that is available to do this.

      Many thanks


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          There are ways to set up a text field where you type in the body of your letter and use place holders to identify the location where you need to insert data from fields in your database. Then, to produce your letter, you use a calculation field with the substitute function to replace the placeholders with data from your database. You can set up a table of such message templates and then each record has it's own template field for a different message.


          You might type a message like this into your TemplateText field:

          Dear <<Salutation>> <<First Name>>,

          Then your calculation field would use this expression to insert data in place of the <<place holders>>:

          Substitute ( SelectedTemplate::MessageTemplate ; ["<<Salutation>>" ; SelectedContact::Salutation ] ; ["<<First Name>>" ; SelectedContact::First Name] )