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Mail Merge  records onto envelopes

Question asked by davidgladstone on Jan 11, 2009
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Mail Merge  records onto envelopes


I am new to using a database and am stuck, hoping someone can help with what is probably a simple issue.


I created a file called client addresses and typed in 600 client  records containing names and addresses. I created an envelope layout with merge fields, but i cannot figure out how to get the names and addresses onto the envelopes. The envelopes are set up properly. I ended up exporting the file to excel and did a mail merge in word and it worked fine when i had 400 records. When I added 200 more records  fm9 pro won't let me export them to excel. I know this merge must be easy to do directly in filemaker and i figure that there must be a step that i am missing in the mail merge. Is there a "script" or something that i am missing? I've been hung on this problem for days and would greatly appreciate finding out why i'm having trouble with something that must be so basic..