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    Mail Merge  records onto envelopes



      Mail Merge  records onto envelopes


      I am new to using a database and am stuck, hoping someone can help with what is probably a simple issue.


      I created a file called client addresses and typed in 600 client  records containing names and addresses. I created an envelope layout with merge fields, but i cannot figure out how to get the names and addresses onto the envelopes. The envelopes are set up properly. I ended up exporting the file to excel and did a mail merge in word and it worked fine when i had 400 records. When I added 200 more records  fm9 pro won't let me export them to excel. I know this merge must be easy to do directly in filemaker and i figure that there must be a step that i am missing in the mail merge. Is there a "script" or something that i am missing? I've been hung on this problem for days and would greatly appreciate finding out why i'm having trouble with something that must be so basic..

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          Thank you for your post.


          It's a bit difficult trying to determine the cause when I can't see the file.  However, the following may help...


          If you created an envelope layout, did you include any fields on the layout?  If so, pull down the View menu and select Preview Mode.  This will show you how the envelope will print.  Skip forward page to page to see the records.  If they are all blank, then the field(s) you are using is probably blank, too.


          Since you are in FileMaker Pro 9, go into Layout Mode (View menu), and on the left side, click on the Field tool and drag it onto the layout.  Let go, specify a field, and go into Preview again.  See if the information now displays.


          If this works, then you may want to create another envelope layout with the appropriate fields again.


          Let me know if you still run into difficulty.



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