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    Mail Merge and e-mail



      Mail Merge and e-mail


      I know how to do a mail merge and print merged letters. What I want to do, rather than printing the merged letters, is to e-mail them to the respective addressees. I have the e-mail addresses as a field in each person's record. How do I generate the mail merged letters and create/send a separate e-mail to each person with the corresponding pdf letter attached? (All I've managed to do is generate multiple e-mails, but each has the same pdf attachment of ALL the merged letters, not just the one letter for each addressee). Thanks for any help. I'm using filemaker pro 11 with Apple Mail.

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          Have you scripted the generation of the mail-merged letters, then the e-mailing of the attachment?

          Should you not generate the mail-merge letter, send the e-mail with that attachment, and then loop that?

          I am paranoid about scripting e-mails with attachments.  The potential to send one e-mail with another's attachment gives me sleepless nights of 'check, check, and check again'.

          And then check once more.  To be sure.

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            To expand on Sorbsbuster's answer, you can save as PDF with the current record option to get just the PDF for the current record. Inside a loop, that will enable you to send out one email at a time with the correct, attached PDF.

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              And when I write a looping script like that I usually start it with generating an inocuous pdf to over-write any existing pdf, in case at some early stage the user cancels the script, and the next time a pdf from the past looms up like a ghost.  It's not Filemaker, by the way: it's me.  Laugh if you want.

              Okay: you can stop now.