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    Mail Merge Name of logged in User



      Mail Merge Name of logged in User



           I have a table which I call People that has information of all the users which can login to my database.  It has the persons first name, last name, title, user login name, etc.  

           I am also generating a letter which mail merges various info from other fields within my database.  

           What I'm not sure how to do is have the letter insert the full name and title of the person logged in for underneath the signature line.  

           Is this possible and if so how do I go about doing that? 

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               You can have a script that runs when the file is opened that uses Get ( accountName ) in a scripted find to locate the People record for the current user. This script can then use set variable to put this data in some global variables which you can then add to your layout just like you would Merge Variables.

               If you are uring FileMaker 10 or older, you can still do this, but you'll need to put this data in global fields instead of global variables.

               For some examples of scripted finds, see this thread: Scripted Find Examples