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Mail merge salutations

Question asked by Kobyashi on Mar 19, 2010
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Mail merge salutations


I'm using FM pro 10 Advanced and can't seem to think of a solution to a small problem.


I have a table of properties and then a table with tenants who live in those properties. The tenants are linked to the properties via a table of tenancy agreements.


To recap, each property could have one or more tenants but each tenant will have his or her own tenant record. The tenant records will share the agreement record ID and the properties agreement will contain the property record ID.


When I'm doing mail merges I create a layout with my documents using the agreement table. My problem is that whilst I can list the tenants in a property by adding a portal and whilst this is ideal is most situations, I cannot see a way of adding all tenants to the letter address or combine the salutations for all the tenants in a property.


By way of an example If property record 1 is has two tenants Mr Joe Smith (tenant record 1) and Mrs Jane Smith tenant record 2), I will want the address in the letter I have to say Mr Joe Smith and Mrs Jane Smith, followed by the address. Furthermore, each tenant has a salutation calculated from the tenant information. In the case above it would address the letter and start as Dear Joe or Dear Jane.  My merge produces one letter per property and will use the first tenant it finds linked to that property but I want it to use both (or as many as in the property). Likewise I want it to use all the salutations for these tenants so instead of producing one letter with Dear Joe I want it to say Dear Joe and Jane.


How do I do this?