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    Mail Merge without Microsoft Word



      Mail Merge without Microsoft Word


      Hi there,

      I have found a lot of info on the internet about mail merging with Microsoft Word and Filemaker, but I want to do it inside FM.

      I am building a database for a club and they want to be able to send mail to all the members. To simplify it, I would just have them type the letter and when they click print or send letter, it just enters preview mode, and goes through all members with their details at the top and the letter below.

      I have got it to print all of the members details at the top, but I can't get it to print the letter contents on it.

      I have two tables: 1 for the members details and another for each letter (so they can be saved and used again).


      Just to be clear, I don't want to use word or anything else BUT filemaker.


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          Filemaker Pro can easily do this.  You would use merge fields in text string.  

          "Dear " & <<salutation>> & " " &LastName

          The above is an example how it would start.  Try it and post back with more questions.

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            That won't quite work.

            You can compose the letter as layout text and insert the fields as merge fields into the block of layout text:

            Dear <<YourTable::Salutation>> <<YourTable::LastName>>

            You can set up a calculation field that returns text with an expression such as:

            "Dear " & Salutation & " " & LastName

            You can also set up "template" records where a large text field contains the text, plus placeholders for each designated field:

            Dear <Salutation> <LastName>

            And then a calculation can replace the placdholders with data from your fields:

            Substitute ( TextFIeld ; ["<Salutation>" ; Salutation ] ; ["<LastName>" ; LastName ] )