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    Mailing Labels



      Mailing Labels


      I setup a 5160 mailing label layout.  Of course you can only 'see' the labels when in Preview.  However, I have shut down the 'status bar' and Preview is not enabled. (I have a Reports Menu that accesses all the 'reports'... including labels)


      Question:   "If I turn the 'status bar' back on so that "EXIT PREVIEW" is enabled I also open myself to all kinds of uninteded 'mischief' by the user.  If I leave it turned off, there is no easy way to goto another report or layout.


      Got any ideas?



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          Thank you for your post.


          The user can always use the View menu to toggle between Preview Mode and other modes.



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            You might also want to script the process.


            The user clicks a button on a different layout.

            Your script pulls up the relevant records, switches to the labels layout, enters preview and pauses. (Your script can also hide and/or lock the task bar)


            With the script paused, the user can decide whether and how to print the labels.


            In you script put steps after the pause layout that returns to browse mode and returns them to their original layout.