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    Mailing labels



      Mailing labels


      I am working with a non-profit art association, and am a beginner with FM. A previous DB person set up a membership data base for them, which uses multiple tables. One of the tables is called "memberships" and it contains multiple records; 1 for each year of membership. The club wants to be able to generate mailing labels which include the membership year. I can make the change but invariably the year selected is the year is associated with the first record. Given that limited information, is there a method of making certain the most recent date is selected? I have sorted the table but it seems to revert to default order when I print mailing labels and the first date continues to be selected.

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          Is there two tables, one for members and one for memberships?

          With address info you want on your labels in the members table and the membership date info in memberships?

          If so, you can go to Manage | Database | Relationships, double click the line between members and memberships to open a dialog where you can sort the related memberships record in descending order by date. Then a membership date field from Memberships added to your members layout will display the most recent membership for that member.

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            Actually there are 11 tables, or at least that's what is displayed when I open the original DB that I was given to use. However, as I mentioned in another post the table names in use list does not appear in any of the subsequent DBs following my initial modifications. Still, everything seems to work.

            In any case, your proposed solution seems, to my eyes, to have worked. However, it is curious there are records/detail being displayed that I cannot locate in any table. Regardless, I will bring this to the attention of the art assoc President and ask for his feedback.

            Many thanks.

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              But I guessed that there are only two tables with the data that you need for your labels.

              Open Manage | Database | Tables

              There, you find a list of data source tables and their associated table occurrences. The data source tables are listed on the left, a comma delimitted list of table occurences is shown on the right for each data source table. When you click on the Fields tab and select a "table" from the drop down, you are selecting a data source table so that you can see, add and modify the fields defined for that table. When you click on the relationships tab, the boxes linked with relationship lines are table occurrences. These may have exactly the same name as the data source tables (Filemaker automatically creates one table occurrence and one layout with exactly the same name as a new data source table each time you add a new data source table), but they are not the same thing. You can create many different table occurrences each with a different name that all refer to the same data source table. This is so you can create multiple relationships between the same two tables.

              You may find this tutorial helpful: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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                The change was tested and approved by the association President. Many thanks for the assistance.


                I see the list of tables in "manage -> database" but what I can't figure out is why the list no longer appears on the app menu. If I edit the layout it is referencing <<Table Names>> but nothing is displayed. Again, it seems to have no adverse effect on the use of the app, it's just strange, I do have a theory though that I will test.

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                  What "app menu" would this be?

                  <<Table Names>>

                  Appears to be a merge field from the same table as that referred to via a table occurrence name in Layout Setup... | Show records from for the layout where you'd see it listed like this in layout mode.

                  You'll need to research how this field is defined. It may just be a text field containing a list of table names separated by returns. Or there is a function that can return the list of table names for your database.

                  A menu, though, does not draw it's list of values from a layout. You'd need to check Manage | Value Lists and find the entries there that set up this particular menu.

                  There's also a drop down list of LAYOUTS in the status area. Since FileMaker creates a layout of identical name each time a table is created, this can look like a list of table names, but it is not and there are settings that control which layouts are listed here when you are in browse mode. You can also create layouts with names different from those that match to table names in Manage | Database | Tables.