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Main menu with Record List from another table

Question asked by Annette on Jan 26, 2015
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Main menu with Record List from another table



I'm trying to create a main menu on my database.  On it I would to place a portal that lists all the client records I have from another table.  I am using FM 13.

I have the following tables:



Both of those tables are related by the ClientID from the Client Info table.

I would like the main menu page just to be a generic page that has various info on it.  I would like to have a portal that lists all the clients that are open (I have a date field called closed which gets filled in when appropriate)

Is there a way to make a generic main menu layout which allows various other info from other tables that I'm missing?  At the moment I have the main menu layout based on the ClientInfo table.  I have created a second table occurrence called ClientList of ClientInfo and have them related by a field I called link which is just a calculation field that places "1" in the field.

It does what I a point.  Firstly, is this the best way to do it because then there are multiple records for my main menu to scroll through and also my filters don't seem to work.  I would like the ClientList portal that I placed on my main menu layout to filter out those that are closed using IsEmpty(ClosedField).  Still showing all despite some records having a date in this field.  I also have a popup button with the same portal on it but have it filtered to show only the closed records, again, showing all records.