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Maintaining a Client's FM Application

Question asked by disabled_rcmiller9 on Feb 4, 2014
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Maintaining a Client's FM Application


     I'm sure among the professional FM developers there are schemes and strategies for keeping track of revisions as a FM application evolves and changes.  In my case, the "client" has a copy of the application that contains real the data that grows each day as new records are added.  I, as the "developer", also have a copy of the application that is always out-of-date as far as the data is concerned, but is always different and, hopefully, better because of new features, corrections, etc. that I am adding.

     At some point, I bring these two "versions" of the application together, but it can be a real pain.  (I'm always nervous that the script attached to a single button will be crash the whole application the first time the client clicks the button.)

     I'm hoping that someone out there can point me to some resources, discussions, or solutions to this never-ending process of updating the client's version of an evolving FM application.  Any suggestions?