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Maintaining Value lists on a SetUp layout

Question asked by Cliffy on May 12, 2010
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Maintaining Value lists on a SetUp layout


Okay, so still being a newbie here, I have searched and tried everything I could of to see if this is even possible before posting.


This is an order entry DB for customer special orders.

I have 3 tables: "Orders", "ItemData" & "gCompanyInfo"

I have 2 value lists: Employees, & Suppliers


When a new order is entered the employee needs to choose their name from the Employees Value list (Orders::Employee) if they are not listed they can edit the list - same goes for the Supplier except (ItemData::Supplier)


What I'm trying to do is have a "SetUp" Layout where a manager can change the Company Info and edit the 2 value lists.

One of the problems I'm having is, if I create new tables to handle the list data -(e.g. a Suppliers table & Employees table) to populate the said value lists - the user creating the order can no longer edit the value lists from the Order Entry layout.


Is there any way to edit & maintain the Value Lists from a setup layout and still be able to have the "edit" feature in the drop downs or Pop-ups in other layouts?