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    Maintenance System Projected Dates



      Maintenance System Projected Dates


      looking for help with a maintenance database that i'm developing for our team.  i'm looking into creating reports and creating views that show maintenance that's due in future months.  currently, the database works in knowing when the next maintenance is due, using a basic calculation, then storing them in a (gasp!) repeating field as such:


      maintDate + nextDueIncrement = dateNextDue


      the calculation field extends that basic formula and keeps adding nextDueIncrement with the previous value in the repeating field x amount of times.  i can get enough data to say, project the dates of the next fiscal year, but i'm not sure if i need to take this in a different direction, or hire a developer to take this to the next level.


      So, i guess my question would be, is repeating fields a viable option for reporting future Maintenance?  if not, what direction should i take this?  And, knowing that my level of understanding is Intermediate, should i look to hiring a developer at this point?


      any help is appreciated.  thanks!


      filemaker 10


      intermediate user

      database is on a server

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             I would say storing it in a table would be better. Create a table to store the maintenance records and then upon opening the file you could make a script to check maintenance and alert you if it is due.
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            thanks for your response!


            actually, that's how i have it set up for maintenance as it comes up.  once the due date alert is flagged, it prompts our coordinator to generate a work ticket.  once that ticket is generated, it closes the maintenance, reseting the future date, and logs the work in a separate table.


            what i'm hoping to achieve is getting a projected maintenance report for our team.  to say, for fiscal year 2011, it will show the maintenance that it will expect us to do, month by month.  the best outcome i can think of is something like google calendar, if you set up a weekly meeting, you can go months into the future and the meeting will still be there.


            again,  thanks with any help.

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              In that case, store a number in a field.


              Say field called "maintenanceDays" = 30


              Then, another field called LastMaintenance.



              Then,  build a report with a table where you can load the last maintenances from your history table, PLUS another 12 cycles for instance with a loop, 


               set variable $counter ; 1


              New record

              Set dateField ; LastmaintenanceDate + maintenanceDays

              Exit Loop if $counter > 12 (or get the number of remaining months, however you want to do it)

              End Loop 


              Or get t