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Maintenance System Projected Dates

Question asked by john5487 on Feb 3, 2010
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Maintenance System Projected Dates


looking for help with a maintenance database that i'm developing for our team.  i'm looking into creating reports and creating views that show maintenance that's due in future months.  currently, the database works in knowing when the next maintenance is due, using a basic calculation, then storing them in a (gasp!) repeating field as such:


maintDate + nextDueIncrement = dateNextDue


the calculation field extends that basic formula and keeps adding nextDueIncrement with the previous value in the repeating field x amount of times.  i can get enough data to say, project the dates of the next fiscal year, but i'm not sure if i need to take this in a different direction, or hire a developer to take this to the next level.


So, i guess my question would be, is repeating fields a viable option for reporting future Maintenance?  if not, what direction should i take this?  And, knowing that my level of understanding is Intermediate, should i look to hiring a developer at this point?


any help is appreciated.  thanks!


filemaker 10


intermediate user

database is on a server