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Make field searchable v.7

Question asked by gsefinaid on Jan 21, 2009
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Make field searchable v.7




I've been searching the help files to figure out how to make a field in my database searchable (I didn't set the thing up, and I just use a previously designed database with the fields that I need).


The field "Location" exists in one area, with two custom options. "on campus" or "off campus"


The help files told me to go to "File" "Define" "Database" to index the field, but when I look in there, the field isn't in there.


When i type it in, it told me the field already exists. 


I just need to be able to sort data by this information. It records it but doesn't tell me how to make that show up in find mode. 


I'd be happy with a link to the approprate knowledge base article!