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Make FileMaker look like Excel?

Question asked by Ayla on Feb 23, 2009
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Make FileMaker look like Excel?




I'm trying to sell the idea of using FileMaker Pro 10 instead of Excel, for an order database, to a user in our company.


She likes the idea, but there are some things she is missing from Excel:


1. Different height on rows. Some rows has 2 lines of text in them and you can't see both lines, without first clicking on the cell / field.


2. She is using a split view, left / right, showing the same database. She would like be able to scroll down/up in both views at once, just like in Excel. Meaning, when you scroll down in the left view, the right view follows.


3. Notes. In Excel she has small notes coupled with some of the cells. Like reminders and such.


4. When doing a search, she would like a drop-down box with options. For example, she want to search for a supplier and instead of remembering the name, all the suppliers appears in a drop-down box.


5. When changing the color of the text in a cell, the color should be visible all the time, also when the cell isn't clicked. So you have a quick overview of which cells are red for example.


Are these things possible in FileMaker Pro 10 and how?


PS. She is a long time (many years) Excel user, but the order document has now grown so big that it's not feasible to work with in Excel.