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    Make Objects Appear



      Make Objects Appear


      Hi There,

      I am fairly new to FMP, I have some experience in MS Access and in Access i used to be able to make objects appear and dissapear in scripts for example having a button on a layout that when i click it makes a field appear so the user can enter data.

      Is there a way of doing this in FMP

      Thanks For All Your Help,


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          Yes, I need same feature also.  I would like to enable/disable (or appear/disappear) buttons for different conditions.

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            Easiest workaround is to duplicate the layout and add fields to the copy.

            Set the button to take you to the new layout.

            You are then taken to what seems like the original layout with the extra fields appearing.

            you could then have a 'commit' button after the new fields to take you back to the original layout.



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              There are also ways to do this with an invisible portal or tab control.

              With tab controls, a button click uses go to object to select a different tab to hide/reveal layout objects.

              With a portal, your button click either updates a field or goblal variable used in a portal filter or a match field in the relationship to hide/reveal layout objects.