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    Make One to Many Relationship



      Make One to Many Relationship


      Dear Admins & Experts,

      I created 3 tables named A, B & C.

      In A, A1 is the primary key.
      In B, B1 is the primary key.
      In C, C1 is the primary key.

      So here, i make relate with table A to B, B to C, but it shows One to one relationship connectivity in Relationship diagram.

      Here I added 3 records for each tables, Actually required A1 has connect with B1, B2... ; B1 has connect with C1, C2...

      Help me to make this relationship as One to Many !!


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          For each Primary key, you need a foreign key field in the related table:


          A::A1 = B::A1Match
          B::B1 = C::B1Match

          A1, B1, C1 should be either number fields that auto-enter a serial number or text fields that auto-enter Get ( UUID ). The foreign key fields, which I've named with "match" as part of the field name here, would be simple data fields of the same data type as the corresponding Primary Key.